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Turkish cuisine
I arrived after the first human world, or all, came on the traces of past civilizations and cultures in the world, or to introduce the culture containing the republic of turkey ... eat, meet with a different taste all the civilization and tribes Maniz .. want to ensure you can find food culture of the republic of turkey 
Turkish cuisine.

The world's leading culinary lezzetlerindendir. In a typical 

Turkish restaurant bread, freshly made fried service is not

 available. Eat plenty of oil and tomato paste, butter and

 ketchup service is also being used. Lamb, sheep or beef, 

vegetables, based on a variety of additional foods. Rice, pastries, wheat, dry beans, rich olive oil and vegetables are served as side meals. Meatballs and shish kebab, doner kebab or hot, with yogurt, eggplant private perceptions of the other kebab varieties are welcome. Pastry desserts, baklava, and the like kadayif genuine tastes good, this work continued for several generations, sometimes small shops are provided.The ban on fishing for the months of May to September is the other months, Istanbul has beautiful taste delicious fresh fish should. Other major cities are Istanbul until the restaurants of various nationalities. Fast-food, quick snack service is also descended from the large number of places. However, typical restaurants would taste delicious local dishes. The most famous national drink two types of milk color. Raki one alcoholic; water katınca whiter booze hard. The other is made of diluted yogurt refreshing; buttermilk. Raki as a snack or a melon and feta cheese with dried fruits, can be taken with food during the various types of appetizers, along with other beverages and smoking. Wine and beer is the main home of the soils of Anatolia. Turkish among similar wines taste, variety and price quite tatminkardırlar. Renowned Turkish coffee, served in small cups plain or with other diabetes rates are at every turn. "A cup of coffee is remembered for 40 years," he is known by the consistency of coffee with the Turks since the 16th century can be said is being used. Turkey is a paradise of fresh and dried fruits. Istanbul from all over the country throughout the year in different seasonal fruits shipped. 
Turkish cuisine


Soup is an indispensable part of Turkish cuisine, especially during the winter months. Lentil Soup, Lentil Soup, Soup Yogurt Soup, and the most preferred Tarhana soups. However, Turkish cuisine, which includes soups, as well as countless amounts. Meats, soups, vegetables and legumes are usually the main materials. Beef broth, flour, yoghurt and noodle soup to make the materials used. 

Tripe soup is common belief that to be good for headaches caused by alcoholic beverages. Especially in cities, restaurants open until late işkembeci tripe soup service make customers stay. 

Soup varieties:

1. Trolley 
2. Gardener Soup 
3. Fish Soup
4. Gumbo 
5. Bulgur Soup 
6. Pastry Soup 
7. Fork Vaccine 
8. Wedding Soup 
9. Düğür Soup 
10. Sour Soup 
11. Lentil Soup 
12. Bean Soup 
13. Anchovy Soup 
14. Harput Soup 
15. Dough Soup 
16. Helle Vaccine 
17. Herlin soup 
18. Spinach Soup 
19. Tripe Soup 
20. Collards Soup 
21. Peasant Soup 
22. Dry Tarhana Preparation 
23. Mushroom soup 
24. Oğmaç Soup 
25. Potato Soup 
26. Tandoori Soup 
27. Tarhana Soup 
28. Chicken Noodle Soup 
29. Toğga (toyga) Soup 
30. Tutmaç Vaccine 
31. Thimble Soup 
32. Dawn Soup 
33. Vegetable soup 
34. Yayla Soup 
35. Green Lentil Soup
Turkish cuisine
Turkish cuisine

Meat Dishes Most meat dishes of Turkish cuisine kebabs, meatballs and juicy meat-type foods. Turkish cuisine is prepared meats, mainly in 4 different ways:
Grill over wood or charcoal fire method (kebabs, grilled meatballs) Frying method (roasted, fried meatballs) Oven method (stew) Cookware method (as covered in pots cooked meat dishes)
The kebabs are usually eaten in restaurants and prepared by the method of grilling foods. Alexander derivative of the doner kebab kebabs and kebab, Adana kebab, shish kebab, Urfa kebab kebabs are among the most popular.
Meatball ground beef, bread crumbs, onions and various spices, molded made by cooking foods. Grilling, baking, frying or cooking in water can be made. Inegol Meatballs meatballs are among the most popular throughout the country and the Blue Ball.
Casserole between aqueous meat dishes, stews, and are kind of paper and a variety of Kebab. In addition, a large number of Turkish cuisine, fish, poultry and offal dishes are available.
Meat meal types: 0. Dadaş cag kebab 1. Adana Kebab 2. Ayvali Tas Kebab 3. Ayvali Stew 4. Gardener Kebab 5. Bitlis Meatballs 6. Mist Kebab 7. Liver Wind 8. Small Sour Meatballs 9. Elbasan Frying 10. Harput Meatballs 11. Hasan Pasa Meatballs 12. Grilled Meatballs 13. Stuffed Rib 14. Kadınbudu Meatballs 15. Kayseri Meatballs 16. Paper Kebab 17. Sheep Arm Wrap 18. Lamb Off 19. Forest Kebab 20. Croquette 21. Eggplant Kebab 22. Eggplant Meatballs 23. Garlic Meatballs 24. Meat Spin 25. Bagels Kebab (Oruk) 26. Sini Meatballs 27. Tas Kebab 28. Seasoned Meatballs 29. Seasoned Rice Meatballs 30. Green Onions Meat 31. Bulgur Meatballs with Yogurt 32. Small meatballs with yogurt 33. Tuber Meatballs 34. Rounding 35. Garbage Kebab 36. Shank Stew 37. Meatball 38. Stuffed PatatesKöftesi 39. Peach Kebab 40. Skewered Meatballs 41. Shish Kebab 42. Tandoori Kebab
Turkish cuisine
Turkish cuisine

Vegetable dishes 
Turkish cuisine is a huge variety of vegetable dishes with a kitchen. Stuffed and wraps, meat and vegetable dishes, fried vegetables and olive oil is available in countless varieties.
Stuffed and surrounds both the meat and meatless (false Fountain) as the instructions. Impact stuffed meat, rice, onion and tomato paste contain domatez. Liar stuffed the rice, onion, currants and pine nuts is done using. Cabbage and vine leaves are used to prepare the rolls.
Stuffed vegetables are the most commonly used for peppers, squash, tomatoes, vegetables such as eggplant and onions.
As well as meat and vegetables cooked piece of meat with meat and vegetable dishes are prepared through. Beans with meat, Aubergine, eggplant moussaka, zucchini with meat, meat and peas, all fleshy, meaty lentils and chickpeas, meat and spinach, cabbage and leek, including a large number of available food.
Many vegetables can be cooked fried and grilled method.Fried eggplant, fried zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, carrots and Zucchini are among the many popular varieties of roast.
Olive oil in Turkish cuisine also occupies a unique place.These dishes are sometimes cheaper than other vegetable oils but olive oil also known as hazırlanabildikleri. Green beans with olive oil, beans stewing, stuffed with olive oil, olive oil, artichokes and broad beans into this class are among the dishes.
Turkish cuisine among the vegetables, eggplant is a very special importance. Although eggplant is eaten as a vegetable in many countries of the world in terms of diversity of Turkish cuisine with world's best-eggplant dinner to count as an exaggeration, be considered a kitchen. Turkish cuisine, stuffed eggplant, fried, moussaka, rice, salad and grilled eggplant dish is available in numerous included.

Varieties of vegetables: 1. Stuffed peppers 2. Groom Stuffed 3. Stuffed Tomatoes 4. Bread Stuffing 5. Sour Stuffed 6. Sour Stuffed Winter 7. Stuffed Zucchini 8. Stuffed Celery 9. Cabbage Rolls 10. Leek Rolls 11. Stuffed Onions 12. Stuffed Zucchini Flowers 13. Stuffed Eggplant Chickpea 14. Quince Stuffed Molasses 15. Stuffed Eggplant 16. Sugary Stuffed Quince 17. Stuffed Turnip 18. Stuffed leaves 19. Stuffed and change rolls 20. Alinazik 21. Green Beans with Meat 22. Dible Beans (beans, rice zetyinyağlı) 23. Like Sultan 24. Pumpkin Fainted 25. Zucchini Moussaka 26. Moussaka Cauliflower 27. Pea and Ground Beef 28. Minced Cabbage 29. Winter Türlüsü 30. Eggplant Moussaka 31. Eggplant vinegar 32. Leek vinegar 33. Seasoned Meat Leek 34. Stuffed Celery 35. Stuffed Leek 36. Green Beans with Olive Oil 37. Turnip with Olive Oil 38. Artichoke Zetyinyağlı 39. Stuffed Carrots 40. The Imam 41. Turnip Moussaka 42. Broad Beans with Olive Oil 43. Olive Oil at the Diamond 44. Psyllium 45. Minced Spinach 46. Fried Zucchini 47. Meat Dry Okra 48. Beans with Meat 49. Casserole 50. Record Pinto Beans 51. Chick peas with meat 52. Lentil Ball 53. Top of Lentil Spinach 54. Lentil Pumpkin 55. Green Lentils Record 56. White Beans with Pastrami 57. Eggplant with meat 58.lobiya kavrumu 59.çaşır kavrumu 60.kızılca kavrumu
Turkish cuisine
Turkish cuisine

Tortillas, pita bread, pastries and pies are among the most popular Turkish cuisine. In addition, rice and pasta in this class participates in a wide range revealed.
Tortillas and pita baking method is usually prepared in restaurants. This is due to be loved food too specialized on this subject has emerged tortillas and pita bread halls.
Pastries can be prepared in both at home and in restaurants.Baking or frying donuts with a large number of varieties hazırlabilirler methods. Gene specialized in pastry pie rooms are available. Ground beef, cheese and spinach pie interiors are among the most common. Ready-made pie dough or pastry flour in the house prepared by using the drop-down. The water is very difficult to prepare the drop-down filo pastry with a pastry is a type that requires the use of water after kaynatılmasından.

Pasta types: 1. Sub-top pie 2. Bundle Pastry 3. Black walnut 4. Cizleme 5. Tomato pancakes 6. Bread with meat 7. Pita bread with meat 8. Baked chicken ravioli 9. Gobet pastry 10. Anchovy fritters 11. Carrot pancakes 12. Poppy nokul 13. Spinach pancake 14. Spinach pie 15. Tandoori with Spinach pie 16. Spinach Filo Pastry 17. Winter squash pie 18. Zucchini Filo pastry 19. Plication 20. Kete 21. Pancake with minced meat 22. Filo pastry with minced meat 23. Tandoori minced meat pie 24. Lahmacun 25. Pasty 26. Bending lentil pie 27. Lentil Ravioli 28. Chickpea bread 29. Nokul 30. Pasha ravioli 31. Cheese pancakes 32. Pita bread with cheese 33. Non-pastry cheese 34. Cheese Pastry Dough 35. Leek Filo pastry 36. Pastry (with cheese, minced meat, meat, plain) 37. Puff pastry 38. Bagel 39. Fringed ravioli 40. Water pastry 41. Green olive bun 42. Naked pie (pumpkin pie) 43. Black and variations 44. Cake and variations 45. Pasta and variations 46. Breads (Tandoori, flatbread, Flaky, dry fruit) pastry 48.un sizing 49.kencer 50.dadaş ketesi

Turkish cuisine
Turkish cuisine

Around the world, popular carbonated soft drinks, beer and fruit juice drinks are also available, as well as Turkish cuisine unique. Dilution of the buttermilk yogurt drink that is completely unique to Turkey. Boza In addition, in turnip juice and juice drinks are among Turkey's own cold.
Hot drinks occupies a special place among the Turkish coffee and Turkish tea. Turkish coffee pot called a long-handled cups roughly ground coffee is prepared in the cooking. World-renowned Turkish coffee which is served in a cup called the small cups. Turkish tea is preferred in terms of today sitting on the throne of coffee, a hot booze. Two-piece teapot or samovar tea is prepared using the powder. Thin is served in some teacups. Turkish tea has gained a worldwide reputation because of the preparation method.
Alcoholic drinks raki, the Turkish cuisine among the most preferred booze. Alcohol derived from grapes and anise seed to obtain two or three times a distillation. History of Turkish cuisine is based on very old historical alcoholic drink. Raki much beer and wine in response to come back gradually becoming widespread. In terms of flavor and variety of wines using grapes indigenous hazılanan Turks began to announce the names of the world.

Beverage kinds: 1. Koumiss 2. Buttermilk 3. Kefir 4. Turnip juice 5. Rose Syrup 6. Lemonade 7. Orchid 8. Turkish Coffee 9. Mirra 10. Boza 11. Turkish tea 12. Molasses 13. Sherbet 14. Nogai tea 15.meyan water 16 honey syrup 17.ispir cranberry juice

Turkish cuisine
Turkish cuisine

Turkish cuisine is very rich in terms of world cuisine desserts.Exhibit a wide range of Turkish sweets. Baklava, kadayif, bite desserts, such as paste, custard, keşkül, dairy desserts such as pudding, compote and compotes, revani, candy, puddings, and have a wide array of desserts such as pumpkin dessert.
Baklava Turkish cuisine is among the most well-known desserts. Opened between very thin filo pastry, nuts, walnuts or pistachios baked and then placed into a syrup is prepared by tatlandırılması. Tel kadayif dough is prepared and sold in the case of very thin wires into the same içlerle filled baklava syrup sweetened roasted in the oven.
After boiling the milk sugar, starch, milk sweets, rice or with rice flour prepared by solidification. Once prepared, such as custard pudding from the dessert on a platter of fried karamelleştirilmesi interesting results, a Turkish dessert.Chicken Breast in a sweet milk, as well as the materials mentioned in this section includes a thin breast of chicken meat didiklenen way.
Revani, semolina is used in making desserts such as semolina halva. Turkey has a special place among religious beliefs asure wheat, raisins, beans and chickpeas in a sweet prepared in many plant materials. Pumpkin dessert is prepared by cooking with sugar pumpkin. Fall and winter months by Turkish cuisine and a dessert of choice.

Sweet varieties: 1. Baklava 2. Tel kadayif 3. Kunefe 4. Bread Kadayifi 5. Tulumba dessert 6. Molasses Halva 7. Cheese Halva 8. Semolina Halva 9. Veterans Halva 10. Paper Halva 11. Flour halva 12. Güllaç 13. Bite 14. Candy 15. Kemal Pasha Dessert 16. Gebol 17. Rice pudding 18. Dessert 19. Ashura 20. Keşkül 21. Pudding 22. Pudding 23. Chicken breast 24. Sultan Dessert 25. Pumpkin Dessert 26. Pear Dessert 27. Quince-cheese 28. Baba Dessert 29. Hoşmerim 30. Riddled pressed 31. Stuffed Apricots 32. Creamy diamond 33. Snow Halva 34. Bici bici 35. Stewed apples 36. Apricot compote 37. Plum compote 38. Nevzine 39. Orange Peltesi 40. Turban Myanmar 41. Revani 42. Sour cherry compote 43. Zerde 44. Stuffed Figs 45. Turkish delight 46. Rock candy 47. Marzipan 48. Damascus dessert 49. Şıllık 50. Şöbiyet 51. Nightingale slot 52. Dilber lip 53.kadayıf stuffed 54.kaşık dessert 55.kaz lokması 56.pestil çullaması 57.hasuta